digital specialists


Since 2021,

the challenges faced and efforts

made by The INTACT have been continuing.


  • 09Thailand/Vietnam Trade Promotion Team Participation(8days)
  • 09Installed the product in the HQ of Kwangju Bank
  • 08Participated in the export buyer meeting during the International Photonics Convergence Trade Fair 2022
  • 07Installed the product in SuncheonSuncheon City Hall
  • 06Installed the product in the Public Child Care Center of Suncheon.
  • 05Installed the product in the Library of Suncheon
  • 04Installed the product in the Hall for the Special Mission Forces Veteran Association of Korea and the Gwangju 2nd Ring Road
  • 03Held the Technology Transfer Agreement Signing Ceremony with Chonnam National University
  • 03Installed the product in the Vaccine Center of Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital
  • 02Installed the product in the Small & Medium Business Distribution Center
  • 01Participated in the 2022 ARAB Health Conference (signed MOUs for businesses amounting to USD 10 million dollars)
  • 01Installed the product in the South Western Project Group of Dongshin University
  • 01Installed the product in the Suncheonman Job World


  • 12Installed the project in the Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development
  • 12Delivered the product to the Dongshin University Korean Medicine Hospital and Chosun College of Science and Technology
  • 12Installed the product in Gokseong-gun and GGM (Gwangju Global Motors)
  • 12Installed the product at Gwangju Techno Park and Korea Photonics Technology Institute
  • 11Installed the product at Korea Rural Community Corporation and Songwon University
  • 11Participated in the Photonics Roadshow.
  • 11Participated in the IoT Exhibition
  • 11Founded as The INTACT