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Disease control business

One Way Access Disease Control System

Dr. Nonstop

High-capacity pump type to make it more convenient to refill

- With the use of 4000ml large-capacity containers, it is no longer necessary to replace the product frequently, while the product is even more convenient to use.

A three-in-one package of the promotion video (8.1 digital LED screen), hand sanitizing, and temperature checking

- Efficiency in management and simplified line of movement.
- Checks the body temperature while sanitizing the hands at the same time.
- Runs promotional videos 24 hours a day.

Fast detection and accurate temperature measurement

- Infrared and near-infrared distance sensors for quick and accurate temperature readings.

Power saving

- DC 5V power to reduce your electricity bill.

Automatic voice and warning feature

- If the temperature exceeds normal levels, the alarm will sound along with a voice warning. The volume is adjustable.

Install anywhere

- Hotels, restaurants, cafes, public offices, businesses, schools, libraries, private lessons, event venues, performance centers, and other public places


Model name Dr. Nonstop
Operating temperature 35C~45C(0.3)
Sensor Temperature (thermal infrared) / distance (near-infrared)
Detection speed and distance 0.5sec/3~5cm
Output Voice /digital LED screen
Solution volume 4000ml
Spray volume 0.1sec~2.0sec
Power and wattage DC 5V/3W
Screen 8.1 digital LED screen
Size l : 260cm / h : (main body)1,380cm / w :175cm
Certification Electromagnetic wave certified:R-R-CNN-AUTOTHEMODISP