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Disease control business

24/7, a viral care device that is totally harmless to you.

Dr. Rain

An anti-viral agent that prevents the spread of disease with a spray

Dr.ReO2, which is the exclusively designed solution for Dr. Rain has been developed using a material that is called G. Sol, which has been registered with the US FDA as a disinfectant.
After countless tests from certified testing agencies, our product has been recognized for its technology, stability, and efficacy.The product can be installed in any place, including the government agencies with specific disease control policies,
local governments, university hospitals, schools, buses, and performance centers, where the product can protect our health 24/7 after each installation.

Safety demonstrated in the certificates of
Dr. Rain

01Proven technology

, Registered with the US FDA as a disinfectant : NO.3007914014

, US patent registered : NO.8673331

, Registered as a disinfectant with the Ministry of Environment of South Korea : NO. GB2-21-0065

, South Korean patent registered :
NO.10-1083609, NO.10-1425347, NO.10-1425347
NO.10-1586771, NO.10-1615666

02Proven safety

, Exclusive solution Dr.ReO2

, Acute inhalation toxicity test report

, Acute oral toxicity test report

, Acute skin irritation and corrosion test

, Eye irritation and corrosion test

, Humidifier disinfectant substances absence test report

03Proven efficacy

, Proven in South Korea and the United States together : 99.9% COVID-19 virus removal test certificates

, 99.9% key virus removal test certificate : MERS, SARS, and swine flue

, Key anti-bacterial tests : pneumococcus, super bacteria, swine influenza, avian influenza, hand foot and mouth disease, E.coli, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, ammonia removal, formaldehyde removal tests

, Anti- bacterial efficacy test after washing the fabric 50 times, anti-bacterial efficacy test after washing the towel 100 times

, Anti-bacterial efficacy test after using the carpet for 12 months

Install anywhere

- Hotels, restaurants, cafes, public offices, child-care centers, skin shops, libraries, private courses, and guesthouses, etc.


Model name Dr. Rain anti-bacterial automatic sprayer
Items disinfectants, odor removers
Materials Container PE/automatic sprayer ABS, etc.
Application Indoor spaces
Capacity 220ml
Contents Automatic sprayer, solutions, key, manual, fixing bolts (2)
Size and weight 212mm x 210mm x V84mm / about 1.040g, battery excluded
Battery/td> D type 1.5V x 2 (not included/Recommend using alkaline batteries.)
Date of manufacture Solution : marked separately (24 months from the date of manufacture)
Country of origin KOREA