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Disease control business

Premium Air purifier & Sterilizer


Triple Hybrid Sterilization System

Evaking's sterilization system solves the technical issues of plasma and POC photocatalyst technologies and our new technology has impressive ozonefree steriliztion

Install anywhere

- Schools and academies, Living space in one`s home, Offices and conference rooms, Hospitals and Detention Faclities, Public Facility, Institutions, banks, public places etc.


Model name Evaking Air purifier & Sterilizer
Model OS-VI01 / OS-VI02 / OS-VI03
Power Supply 100~240V / 50~60Hz
Electric Power MAX, 36W
Characteristics UV-C Ultraviolet Sterilization ,Ozone ZERO, 8600V Large Network Various Viruses, Bacteria, Pathogen Collection, Antimicrobial Ultrafine Dust, Hazardous Gas, Odor Removal
Installation Site Indoor
Size 300(W) X 300(L) X 896(H)mm
Weight /td> 7kg